Streamate is in the process of developing its own media encoder, SMBroadcast, a brand new encoder that all performers will be able to use to improve their video stream. This new program is easy to use, runs on almost any computer, and is capable of crisp, detailed HD video.

The program is still in development but we’re had great results so far, so we decided to let you check it out for yourself! We’re giving everyone early access to the Windows version of SMBroadcast. A Mac version is already being developed, so stay tuned!

To read more about the encoder SMBroadcast and try it for yourself, go to the new SMBroadcast Beta Encoder page on Streamate Help! If you need any help with SMBroadcast, check the FAQ at the bottom of that page.

Because SMBroadcast is still in development, we’d love to get your feedback!

Are you happy with the program? Is it missing any features? Let us know so we can help Streamate building an awesome product for us:)