You probably saw a brand new option with your Goldshows….something sone of you have been doing for a while now but without the feature being built in. Finally, when you set up your Goldshow, you have the ability to show the highest bidders. You should now see a checkbox that says “Check here to show users the top GOLD contributors.” Checking this box will let everyone in your room see the top three Gold contributors!

Goldshow highest bidder

It seems pretty straight forward but here’s how it works. Once a member contributes more than the minimum amount of Gold, everyone in your room will see the member’s name and the amount they contributed. As more members add Gold, it will show the top 3 contributors who are over the minimum amount. Members can click on a position on the list to see exactly how much Gold they need to add to claim it! The list will stay up until the Gold Show is completed.

If you’re offering something special to the top contributor, this option is a great way to encourage members to out-pledge each other and steal the top spot! Members won’t need to ask you the amount of the top contribution or how much they need to add to beat it!

I think this is a pretty good feature added to Streamate’s Goldshows. Members can compete against each other to win your favor;)