I know what you’re gonna say already, that’s easier said than done etc….Ok I get it, technical issues, grumpy members, disrespectful members, silent members, worse, members begging for free stuff, and so on…this can be annoying to say the least. But don’t think that only happens to you and don’t think that only happens on Streamate. Technology is…well technology. So technical issues happen more often than not. Google can have outages, Facebook had lots of outages, Twitter used to have plenty of those too. It’s just hard to understand what can happen with internet connection and I’m not a network engineer so I’m not gonna make up stories on how it works but everybody believes internet should work all the time…fact is, it just doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong I had my share of complaints about Microsoft back in the days that used to crash all the time, my AOL connection that was never really working, or even Streamate booting me out over and over and over again. Bottom line is what do I gain from complaining? Usually nothing.

I read way too many complaints on social media for it to be any good for anybody and certainly not for the model complaining. I am NOT pointing the finger at anybody and if I was I would be pointing it at me, because I did this as well from times to times, that’s why I can talk about it today with a clear mind and some distance. Social media is probably the best traffic possible, and I mean quality wise. Streamate is sending traffic on a regular basis but they don’t know you, you don’t know them, they might like blondes with big boobs and you are a brunette with tiny ones, they might like to stay silent and participate from afar and you hate that so they don’t convert very well, they leave with a bad experience, you are annoyed, etc….it’s a cycle that go crazy very fast. When you look at it, building your brand on social media is the only way you can control who is following you, what they know from you, what you like, or not, how to behave if they want to be “around” you… So yes, it might be a whole less people than what you could have in your room randomly at any point of time on Streamate but a whole lot more “qualified”.

Now imagine, that your Twitter timeline or your Facebook posts or your Snapchat or your Instagram feed are full of complaining, full of bad mood and “bitchy” attitude…do you think they would really enjoy being around you? When you go to a store, you are expecting the person that greets you to have a smile, you don’t really care if that person had a bad day, bad customers, you just want YOUR experience to be good. Well, it’s the same for everybody. Anybody have the right to complaint, to be annoyed by tech issues by the site, annoyed by traffic that is not in your favor or anything else that happens to you, but as difficult as it may be, always, ALWAYS keep a positive attitude because you never know who comes around your world and might find it very annoying to listen to you crying and complaining. There is no excuses for you to do so no matter how bad your day may be. I got the worst myself like probably many of you but I always try to keep it positive and if I can’t I simply log off, go for a ride, take a break…I do whatever it takes to take my mind off of it. Always keep that in mind your every moves are scrutinized especially on social media or any time you are online, have a positive attitude it will benefit you in the long run…ALWAYS.