Some of you might have thought that promoting Skype shows in your room was a good idea. If you were not lucky you probably ended up suspended for a few days. Even though it seems like a good idea here’s the main reason why Skype Shows are not such a good idea after all:

  • Unless you can do at least one Skype show every hour or more, you won’t really make money off Skype Shows
  • Billing Skype Shows is a nightmare! Forget about Paypal it’s NOT ok to use Paypal for any adult content and besides anybody can cancel the charge anytime AFTER doing a show with you and you won’t even be able to complaint since it’s not legal in the first place to use Paypal for that purpose.
  • Even if it seems like a good idea because you would take pretty much 100% of what you charge, it can NOT compete with the traffic of a well known cam site.
  • Don’t fall for all those websites that promise you that you will make a lot of money doing Skype Shows because they still take a % of your shows for no real good reason other than making money themselves. You might as well do it yourself if you really want to do it. In that case you have the choice of using a REAL credit card processing company that will allow you to charge your customers for Skype shows but why use a third party that will take 20% or more for no reason. They won’t send you traffic, it will be up to you to send customers anyway. So if you want to take that route, just contact us, we’ll show you how you could do it yourself and really take 100% minus processing fees of what you charge.

Know that Streamate is NOT taking the biggest % as a lot of people think they are. They have lots of affiliates that they are paying on top of traffic, advertising…etc. It’s up to you to convert this traffic into a paying customer. You don’t have to worry about traffic, processing, chargebacks, etc…Unless you can get a LOT of Skype shows and are able to process the payments yourself, it’s not worth it BUT of course if you do have a website for example, that’s definitely something you can and should offer. You just need to know how to do so. Just don’t fall for all these websites that are trying to take a commission off you just to process Skype Shows payments.