What a great way to grow your fan base than having your own website! If you can afford a professional service to have a great website, do it, this is the best way to get something that will actually work, with a great user interface and user experience etc…Of course we will suggest you to use our buddies @altgirlmedia as they do an excellent job. Visit their website and check out their work: http://altgirlmedia.com.

But, if you don’t have that kind of budget, Streamate offers you something that you might want to use. It’s called Gold Club. Gold Club is simply a subscription website that Streamate will set up for you. You’ll add exclusive content that only members who pay a monthly fee can access. Members who sign up will also gain a small discount on your shows.

Gold Club Benefits

Gold Clubs are for performers who want to offer a subscription service to members. It helps if you have some established regulars who would be interested in subscribing. Streamate will set up and host the site so you can focus on adding exclusive content and encouraging members to sign up! You’ll earn the same % of Gold Club earnings as you do for your live shows and Gold earnings.

When members subscribe, they get to see your exclusive content, including photos, videos, and diary entries. The best Gold Clubs will update regularly with lots of exclusive content to keep members coming back month after month. Subscribers will also get a discount on any shows they do with you in the future (excluding Gold Shows). You get to set the subscription fee and discount amount.

Gold Club Content

Before starting a Gold Club, make sure you’ll be able to provide new content regularly to subscribers. You must be able to upload:

  • Diary Entries: 3 or more per week. Diary entries are personal writings from you. Tell customers about your day camming, your latest toys, or describe your favorite fantasies.
  • Photo Sets: 1 or 2 photo albums per week. You need to be able to take new pictures frequently in order to keep the site updated.
  • Videos: 1 or more videos per week. Videos must be in MP4, WVM, or h.264 AVI formats, and should be at least 3 minutes long. Make sure you have a way to record quality videos of this type regularly.

Content can be explicit, silly, or just regular details of your life – mix it up and provide the content you think will keep your members coming back for more every month.

Final Thoughts

So what’s better? A Gold Club or your own website? I would say of course your own website is the best way to control everything. You won’t need to go through the review process and be able to post whatever you want on your own website and you will be able to provide any service you want for you fans that Gold Club don’t have or don’t allow you. For Gold Clubs, you will get paid the same rate as your live shows but if you do have a website you’ll still be able to promote on Streamate through their partner program which will give you a better rate than the Gold Club. So overall, go with your own site if you can, it’s an investment you won’t regret, if you can’t Gold Club is a great alternative provided by Streamate.