From product brand to corporate brand and now personal brand, branding has become a very important component on your way to communicate. The big difference with 10 or 15 years ago is social media that bring a totally different perspective.

So What’s personal brand? Many people think it’s just for celebrities….well it’s not! Personal branding is just a way that you market yourself. Your name is a brand and you can build brand equity exactly like all the other brands.

Why I’m talking about brand? and why in the porn business? Because it’s exactly the same and there’s no way for you girls to make a name for yourself with names like “hottie34” or “bigboobs1″…really! Simply look at internet stars like Aaliyah Love or Illeana or…there’s so many….they have a real name…which is probably not their real name of course but still way better than “cutebabe” or “hotbrunette”…well, you get the point.

So now get a pencil, a piece of paper and it’s time to brainstorming and find yourself a sexy name. No matter what it is, it can only be better than the example above. Then time for updating your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or whatever social network you’re using (because you;re using them right?…you should!) with your brand new name. Build your branding toolkit and spread the world with your new identity.

Then what? Sorry it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning:)

TIP: you wanna find a name that is original, unique… and available. Check on you will see if the name you chose is available on different social networks. If you need help to find a name for you, you can also use our name generator, it might give you a few ideas or even better find YOUR name.

If you want to change your actual name, email me at: and I’ll have it change for you:)