EVERY year, for Halloween, you SHOULD have your costumeS ready when you are on cam! Why? People people love it, people love Halloween. And this time around you get to dress sexy AND slutty at the same time for a reason! So, be creative. Forget the French maid or the sexy cop…of course you can wear those but you know that a gazillion of girls will have that costume. So make your own, use your imagination and creativity, add a twist to it…and make it super sexy.

This year, it’s even better. Streamate is (finally) holding a costume context and is going ALL out! Not 1, not 2, not 10…but 100 models will be awarded just to have fun and dress up for Halloween while on cam. The contest will run October 31 st ALL day(GMT). It will begin at 12:01AM GMT and end at 11:59PM GMT. Pay attention! It means if you are in the United States Pacific time for example, GMT is actually 7 hours ahead! So 12:01 GMT means for you the day BEFORE 7 hours at 5pm and will end the 31st at 5pm. No matter where you are on the planet you will have 24 hours to shine, be sexy, have fun and be whatever you want to be for the day.

To be eligible for a prize, you will need to:

– Update your biopic with a spooky or festive image. Take a pic and upload it soon to make sure it’s approved before the contest begins.
– Be in costume while streaming on Oct 31 (GMT). Stay in one costume all day, or change costumes as often as you like!

Members will vote with their Gold; 1 Gold = 1 vote! The 100 participants who get the highest amount of successfully billed Gold that day will receive a prize:

– 1st place: $1000
– 2nd place: $800
– 3rd place: $600
– 4th place: $400
– 5th place: $200
– 6-20th place: $100
– 21-100th place: $50

Of course, I highly suggest you get on that! Forget about one costume, get two or even three and change costume throughout the day. And Be creative! You can imagine that lots of girls will dress up to win.
Good luck to everyone:)