So What’s geo restriction? Well, it’s a little bit like the DVD zones, you know, where you can’t see US movies if you are in Europe because you’re in a different zone….well, it’s a little bit like that. You have the ability to make your own “zone” by restricting the access to your chat room. You can block basically countries, states….cities.

How to do that? It’s pretty easy. When you log in, on your dashboard, you have a link “My geographic restrictions”, click here and add as many zones you want to block as you want.

Let’s make things clear though, in case you didn’t think about it, geographic blocking will remove you from any search, any advertising or any extra exposure you had naturally when you were visible for everybody. If you restrict a single location, you will ONLY be seen by logged-in members that are in your “zone”. That WILL definitely impact your potential earnings…that makes sense. Good news for the one who don’t restrict, you will get potentially more exposure:)
That’s why I definitely suggest NOT TO GEORESTRICT YOURSELF. I totally understand that you might want to block the city you live in, the state, the province the country,…whatever, but remember that people that browse porn can use proxies that will hide their IP address, or they work the state next door, or the other city and would be able to see you anyway…besides if a friend of yours or a relative sees you online, they might be more open than you think;) After all what are they doing on a porn site lol