Your profile is what members see first hand. They can learn about you, about your show, what you do and don’t…and of course how you look like. See it as a store window, you want it to be attractive so you feel more confident to come in and check it out. It’s the same for you. The better your picture, the better your bio, the more chance you’ll have to get members to want to talk to you and learn more about you. So spend some time with your profile, don’t do it too fast, put some thoughts into it.

  • Fill out your Personal Info
    Your profile is what members will read about you. Do it right. It makes sure that you appear in the right categories and searches. Make sure everything is accurate and make it sexy, tease your audience;)
  • Pick a Great Profile Picture
    Your profile picture is what they see before they even enter your room. If it’s not very good they might not even bother coming in your room. Make sure you have multiple pictures to chose from, if you don’t take some even with your phone if your phone does great pictures. Honestly, forget about your last vacation pictures except if you are wearing a sexy bikini and the light is good and the quality is good.
  • Add Quality Photos to Your Gallery
    Don’t leave anything from your profile empty. The more you filled out the better it is for you. Everything counts for your placement on the site. Besides, members love profiles that have everything they need to learn more about you including pictures. The best of should be your profile picture but add more in your gallery. If you have sexy pictures, different outfits, lingerie etc…You could get some extra fans just by adding nice pictures to your gallery:)
  • Don’t forget you Schedule
    You might not know when you will be able to work or if you will be working the same days each week…it doesn’t matter. Fill in your schedule anyway…and if you can try as much as possible to stick to it because when you are not online some members will come back for you at the times you set your schedule. And don’t worry it calculates the time difference between you and the members so you don’t have to worry about converting anything.