Lighting is your most important thing on cam…of course after a computer and a webcam;) Without a good light, your cam won’t look very good even though you are in HD. Plus, a good light is playing to your advantage. Your skin will look smoother, overall your will look way better than with a simple light bulb.

There’s a few options available out there more or less expensive but no matter how many desktop lamps or light bulbs you put around you, that might not create the perfect lighting.

I definitely suggest softboxes! Why? Light in your house or even sun light creates an unattractive shadow under the chin, and models the skin poorly. Softbox is use in photography as fill light that minimizes the harsh lighting and hides the texture around the eyes. The best thing is it’s not that expensive. You can find cheap options on Amazon, probably even Ebay for less than $50. Plus, light is “soft” so it’s not too bright. Some come with multiple switch to make it more or less bright.

The very best option, is to use 2 or 3 lightboxes. One in front of you and one on each side. This way, no more shadow on your face, you will look like a top model;)
There’s some deals on Amazon now under $30 here.
Only little “issue” with softboxes is that they use multiple light bulbs so it might get a little hot in your room but it’s totally worth it, it will create a perfect lighting for your shows:)