How to be a good sucessful camgirl?

That’s a question! Lots of girls think it’s easy, it’s just a matter of being hot. Well, first I personally like girls with boobs and hips and curves with a pretty smile and smart which excludes lots of girls. What I mean is that there’s different flavor for different taste.So it’s definitely not about appearance, it’s about PER-SON-A-LITY!

It can be hard for a lot of girl to be in front of a camera even if it’s only a webcam. Here’s a few “tips” to help you improve your online “presence”:

  1. Be friendly
    Yeah I know seems obvious, but you would be surprised by certain girls that are not really. Say “hi” to everybody that comes in your room. Don’t ignore anybody, even if you’re in the middle of a conversation with someone else.
  2. Be flirty
    Overall, guys like to be teased right? Smile, flirt, be cute…come on girls you know the tricks;)
  3. Stay focus
    Avoid listening to music super loud, or watching tv or the last episode of Desperate Housewives on Hulu;) Seriously, people that come to your room are expecting you to be “ready” for them. If you look busy or worse bored they might leave right away.
  4. Stop typing!
    This one is VERY important. If you type your message it looks boring. You have a microphone, use it and get rid of your keyboard. NEVER use it. Talk to them, use your sexy voice:) You know the power of the voice girls, use it!
  5. Dress up
    Yep it’s like going out. Little sexy outfit, sexy underwear, nice shoes, a little makeup maybe…don’t look like you just woke up! And you know how easy to turn men on with clothes. School girl, mistress, latex…whatever you like.
  6. …and don’t take off your clothes
    We have a rule: no nudity in guest. It’s a rule, you can break it of course. But let me tell you why you shouldn’t. It’s for you. Guys will sit there watching you and then…they will leave. Make them want to see what the clothes are hiding. No matter what people say, men like clothes. It’s all about imagination and fantasy. Give them what they want right away and no more fantasy.
  7. Some toys
    Yep, they like that too. Get some fun toys with you. Different shapes, different colors…it gives ideas. I know some of you have glass toys, funny shape toys, huuuge toys….That will bring more fun:)
  8. Kick don’t ban
    Some people are simply weirdos. I know they can give you a hard time sometimes, verbally. You can ignore them first. That’s the smartest thing to do. But you can also give them a nice warning. Stay polite and nice. They are like kids, if you don’t respond, if you don’t play their game it’s not fun anymore and they will leave. After a warning you can ban them. We don’t want you to be harassed by some weirdos. Let us know too, we don’t want them on the site!
  9. Deal…no deal?
    You have a profile and people can see what you like, what you don’t, what you do, what you don’t but they can still ask. Be honest. Tell them what you WILL do in private. Honesty always pays. Don’t lie because they will be disappointed and give you a bad rate. You’re making a “deal”. It’s totally ok to say no.
  10. HD
    One thing tha you absolutely want to have it’s High Definition quality. Nowadays you can find full 1080p HD webcams for less than $100 and some of them less than $70 which is nothing compared to what it will bring in your wallet;) Contact us if you need upgrading advice and how to set up your HD streaming:)
  11. Have fun!
    Flirt, tease, talk a little dirty, play, HAVE FUN! You want guys to have a good time with you and come back. So do your best show every time, at the end they will give the 5 stars you deserve:)
  12. Ask around
    I forgot this one, but of course ask your fellow cam girls. What works for them might not work for you but it might help you with ideas:)

Needless to say that girls that follow all this can’t stay out of private. And you know what that means…$$$$$$$$…big time;)

Get more tips? Please share them with me. Need some help? contact us we’ll be happy to make you happy:)