I have lots of questions about how to promote yourself, how to promote you cam page…and since I sometimes answer some of you with some advice or tips, I figured that I could list a bunch of these advice/tips here.

Blog it baby!


A blog is a VERY good idea to promote you, your website if you have one, your friends…if you have some ;), your ideas, your cause…anything!
I DEFINITELY advice Tumblr…and not just because I use it too. It’s extremely easy to write content, post pictures, videos, links, quotes….user experience is very good, it lets you choose among free templates or let you make your own, you can update from your phone,…AND doesn’t seem to have any problem with adult content which in our case is pretty awesome.

Now what to write?

Well, if you don’t know, may be the blog is not such a good idea;) Seriously, you can talk about anything: your fans might want to know what you had for breakfast, who knows, or you saw a movie that you loved and you want to share…or you are LIVE @streamate 🙂

How do I promote my blog?

Of course now the question will be “how do I promote my blog?”. Don’t just write, share on social media(Twitter, Facebook,….), talk about it, find other bloggers and share…Actually I found you a good blog to read about that here.

Vlog it baby!

What’s a vlog?? Vlog is just video blog. If you don’t have time (BS! you just lazy;)) or if you don’t feel like writing or if your vocabulary or grammar is horrible (like me but I don’t really care) then a Vlog is the way to go.  Besides, if you are extremely hot which I’m sure you are, you, your voice and your attractive features will do even better.

You have the choice on what to use: Youtube, Livestream, Ustream…just be careful that you can show some nudity if it’s want you want to do. In that case avoid Youtube, your account won’t last! But you don’t have to be naked to be sexy…#justSayin…in that case youtube is perfect, that will give you good exposure.

Tweet it baby!

Seems obvious for everybody right? Well not really. Still lots of people that don’t. People ask me why bother, or what’s the point….and my answer is if you don’t know why just don’t do it;) Twitter is an excellent social network…it’s SOCIAL which means be social! Talk to people, let people talk to you…yes even if you don’t like it…please don’t protect your tweets, it’s useless and you are missing the whole point of a social network.

In fact, I’m not gonna spend too much time on Twitter, I wrote another post a while ago that you can read here and here.

Facebook? Sure!

Should I remind you that there’s over 500 millions active users on Facebook? You are probably already one of them. And if you don’t have a Facebook account or if you have one but private, get one for your “public” life. Make sure to be PG13 though. Facebook doesn’t like nudity too much. You don’t have to be nude to promote yourself anyway. Facebook is a good way to engage your fans old and new on a different level. Create your profile, don’t forget links to your blog, vlog, site, cam page….and then promote your blog, your live shows, your friends, start a group or participate in a group.

Press releases

Why not right? A press release is a condensed article which purpose is to highlight interesting news about a brand, a person….whatever. A few tips about press releases:

  1. Make sure the information is newsworthy! Don’t send press releases for everything!
  2. Make sure the first 10 words of your release are effective, as they are the most important.
  3. Avoid excessive use of adjectives and fancy language.
  4. Don’t forget LINKS!
  5. If you don’t know, ask pros! There’s a lot of Adult PR companies out there that can help you write and publish your press releases…and it’s not that expensive(e.g Pipeline Multimedia)

If you choose the DIY option, there’s FREE options out there to send the press releases: Xbiz, 50 free sites

“Pee everywhere!”

Not literally of course! What I call “pee everywhere” is a metaphor. Dogs pee on everything they possibly can so they are sure that the next dog will know who was there before. Same for you. You need to make sure that wherever you go, people know that you are here and everywhere…that’s my pee everywhere concept lol

So how do you do that? Easy. Everything is good opportunity to promote you and your brand. And there’s a lot of things out there you can “pee” on:

  • Get a Freeeones account
  • Get a MypornProfile account
  • Make sure you are listed on Pornstartweet, or Webgirltweet or any of the Pornstartweet network
  • etc…there’s plenty of sites like that and it doesn’t hurt to have an account, a few pictures, a video may be, AND LINKS:)

Anything else?

Well, that’s a first step and it’s pretty good one…especially if you don’t do any of this. I’ll probably post other ideas as they come to my mind:) These are the most obvious easy one. But you can do anything you want. Be creative, don’t copy others, innovate! And remember that consistency is the key. There’s no miracles! Your idea, your point of view or the angle you choose might be good, but it might take time to get some attention, just keep doing it:)

Now what?

Get a plan!

Yes you NEED a plan! If you start somewhere and don’t know where you’re going…it will lead you nowhere. So make a plan. Start with 30 minutes everyday. It’s like going to the gym to stay in shape. Give your self promo some love at least 30 minutes every day:

  • Read your emails
  • Read you @streamate messages, reply if you can
  • Schedule your live shows for the week and STICK TO IT
  • Blog about it
  • Send at least 1 photo and/or video per day
  • Send at least 1 blog post a day
  • Search on Twitter what people say about you…and @reply
  • Update your Facebook

Extra time?

  • Find a nice article to write on your blog
  • Find other bloggers and comment on their blogs, be social!
  • Share links

Monitor, track, analyse!

If you do all this work and you don’t even see if it makes a difference that’s a big mistake. If you have a site use Google Analytics to track your visitors. it’s absolutely free and easy to install. If you don’t have a site, no worries, there’s other things that will tell you if your campaign is successful: more visitors in your live shows, more followers in Twitter, more friends on Facebook, lots of views on Youtube….etc. But DON’T IGNORE it. It’s very important to see results positive or negative and act accordingly.