here’s so many things you can read here and there about pretty much everything and nothing that I figured I would give some explanation about your placement on the site.

Video quality

You have to know that it all depends on you…at least for most part and members of course. Members like nice crisp smooth video quality so that’s one element right there that is definitely part of how you appear on the site. If you can’t for any reason have a great video quality whether your internet is not fast enough, or your computer is a little old or your webcam is not an HD cam, I highly suggest to look at some upgrade options. A good computer, a good webcam and a great internet is your most valuable assets. If you can, upgrade to business class internet too. No matter how much speed you are suppose to hav, know that lots of ISPs are over selling bandwidth and also know that you are sharing it with lots of people. The video quality is the most obvious. If you are watching a movie I’m pretty sure you’d like to watch the movie without dropping frames or the image being laggy or crappy.

Update: Now, having all that is not quite enough. As technology gets better and better and faster, and the screens becoming wider, we are bringing a different video ratio to our members…the so-called “widescreen settings”. You might notice that it requires even more pixels so even better quality…when you can support it. Widescreen will now impact placement as well.


Video quality is one thing but there’s also audio. Audio is usually never an issue as it doesn’t take that much resource on your computer. But some of you decide not to use audio for some reason…and that will impact your placement as well. Know that even if you turn your microphone on for a private session, it doesn’t really count in the placement. You have to have your sound on at all time.


This is probably one of the most important one. Placement is mostly based on members so the better your ratings the better your placement.


This one depends on you. If you are online once a week, of course other models might be every single day and so have more ratings, better ratings…so the more consistent you are the better it is for your placement.

What else?

That’s pretty much it.

I receive questions about how you can potentially “lose” your placement or why

Many possible explanations…one can be that you are looking at a cached version so you might not see what it really is…especially if you are logged in as a performer. But there’s real reasons where you could potentially lose a spot or two…or even more. Right now as we moved towards widescreen settings, you will definitely drop quite a bit if you are not using those settings. In fact you might be on a different page even for that reason. But ultimately the main reason for your placement to change is you. If you go on vacation for 2 weeks you rating average will be affected since you won’t have as many ratings as the other models that were online while you were gone…so consistency has also an important part in placement. Overall you are responsible for your placement so if you drop dramatically there’s got to be something wrong with you….just kidding…there just might be something wrong in your settings, your ratings, ….

Of course I’m not gonna tell you that we are not responsible for some little issues once in a while…that’s why I highly suggest to clear your cache when you start in the morning. We improve change, update the site on a daily basis so you or the members could be looking at a cached old version that would mess up something in the way you look at the site.

Anyway, if you have any issue with that, please feel free to DM me @kittycammodels so I can give you specifically reasons why you are not where you think you should be…or even better tell you how you could be there:)