If you have been enabled for it, a GOLD Show is a way for you to have a group private show for the duration that you want and for a price you determine (See GOLD Show tutorial).

Setting up a Show is very flexible and depending on how your show is configured, you can achieve different results:

  • Short, non-explicit show – To keep your room interesting, you can request a small amount of GOLD and no minimum buy in for a quick performance, which you could do in guest regardless since it must be non-explicit. For example, a dance show, a topless show, etc., but NO below the belt nudity allowed in guest. Those who pay as well as those that don’t get to see the show in guest and you can earn some money doing it.
  • Longer, explicit show – If you allow yourself enough time for a group of members to contribute, you can configure a show that earns you at least a minimum total amount for a specific duration so that your show gets you at least your price per minute. Then you can make your minimum buy in so that each member can contribute to the show and it would cost them less than taking you private for that same time period, so everybody wins. Even after you reach your show goal and start your performance, those that didn’t reserve their spot can still enter the show, earning you even more.
  • Special show – If you have a loyal following that will pay for a longer show and you know you can expect enough members will join; you can make your minimum buy in for whatever you want that price point to be. And instead of attempting to reach a large goal prior to starting the show, you can start the performance right away and people can join in.

Of course in all instances above you have to perform your show to receive any contributions toward your show. If you set up a show and you don’t receive enough pledges to start the performances, you don’t have to complete the show, but you will not be paid any of the GOLD pledged toward that show.