That’s a very common question. When is the best time to work and make money? I wish there were an easy simple answer but it really depends on you mostly. My advice is to test ALL THE TIME. Never assume that you know how it works, what’s gonna happen, etc…Always test! And here’s a way you can test what time works best for you. Try out one week working every morning for example then try next week on the afternoon, then the week after only nights…of course that works only if you are that flexible;) But you see the point. You need to see what works the best for you and in order to do that you need to test it long enough to make your opinion based on DATA. At the end of each week look at your earnings and see what was best for you. it might be night, it might be mornings…it’s usually different for everybody.

Is there better times to work overall?

Yes…and no. It depends where you live too. If you are Pacific time for example, you will have between 10am and 5pm all the models from the same time zone at the same time so lots of competition. Later, they are all gone usually so that’s your chance to shine.

Other than that, you will make your own opinion about what day works better for you than another but overall Mondays are good because it’s after the week end which is usually a family day. Friday afternoons can be slow but because guys are on happy hour or going out. On the week end, most models are off especially if they have a family, so week ends can be REALLY good too. Besides that you know that EVERY SINGLE holiday will be busy. Why? because mostly everybody is off whether it’s Xmas or any other important family holiday. BUT, there’s a LOT of single members that are not doing anything on Xmas or for Halloween or for Valentine’s day…those day are VERY busy for the models who work.