How Much You Could Make As a Webcam Model?

There’s a lot of factors that enters in the calculation of how much you could make as webcam model. Considering that you have HD camera and a computer fast enough to broadcast in HD, good audio and that you already get the jyst of webcam modeling 101, this is pretty much how much you would make. Don’t forget to check the article about how to make more money on webcam if you are far from those numbers. Also, consider that the more you will work, the more you will have exposure and the more members you will have in your room….and of course the more you will make:)

Enter how many hours you would like to work and watch how much money you could make each week, each month,….each year!

The results are taking into consideration an average time in private chat vs guest chat. The results could under estimated or over estimated depending on your ability to increase your time in private. Contact us for some tips on how to increase your performance:)


Need Tips?

  • Keep a positive attitude at ALL time!

    Keep a positive attitude at ALL time!

    I know what you’re gonna say already, that’s easier said than done etc….Ok I get it, technical issues, grumpy members, disrespectful members, silent members, worse, members begging for free stuff, and so on…this can be annoying to say the least. But don’t think that only happens to you and don’t think that only happens on […]

  • Dress up for Halloween…it WILL pay off!

    Dress up for Halloween…it WILL pay off!

    EVERY year, for Halloween, you SHOULD have your costumeS ready when you are on cam! Why? People people love it, people love Halloween. And this time around you get to dress sexy AND slutty at the same time for a reason! So, be creative. Forget the French maid or the sexy cop…of course you can […]

  • How to improve your profile on Streamate

    How to improve your profile on Streamate

    Your profile is what members see first hand. They can learn about you, about your show, what you do and don’t…and of course how you look like. See it as a store window, you want it to be attractive so you feel more confident to come in and check it out. It’s the same for […]

  • Shopping List: The must have on cam

    Shopping List: The must have on cam

    There’s a whole lot of toys or accessories you might want to have on cam, but if there’s a must have list, this is probably it.Of course this is a non exhaustive list. You can get lots of different toys and accessories to spice up your room. If you need advice on what’s good to […]

  • Get a new webcam!

    Get a new webcam!

    Don’t look further, the one and ONLY webcam you want is the Logitech C920….if you can afford it there’s also the C930 that just came out but no big difference anyway so don’t bother, get the C920…or the new C930!

  • When to work?

    When to work?

    That’s a very common question. When is the best time to work and make money? I wish there were an easy simple answer but it really depends on you mostly. My advice is to test ALL THE TIME. Never assume that you know how it works, what’s gonna happen, etc…Always test! And here’s a way […]

  • How to make more money on cam

    How to make more money on cam

    Streaming in High Definition and why this is VERY important
    One VERY important thing when you go online is to make sure you are streaming in HD. Why? Because this one of the most important factor in your placement on the site. If you are not in HD your placement will suffer and it’s gonna be […]

  • Rates


    So you just signed up and you are ready to go live…by now you probably had lots of fun setting up your HD encoder;) But what you probably missed is your per minute rates! When you start for the first time and till you get some hours under your belt, you maximum rate is $5.99…so […]

  • Questions about your placement? Here’s some answers

    Questions about your placement? Here’s some answers

    here’s so many things you can read here and there about pretty much everything and nothing that I figured I would give some explanation about your placement on the site.

    Video quality

    You have to know that it all depends on you…at least for most part and members of course. Members like nice crisp smooth video quality […]